Emmett FAQ's.

Site Fonts

Main Menu Font   Myriad Web Pro
Boxed Section Titles Font   Myriad Web Pro
Main Titles Font (right side)   Saeculum
Text Section, and main body text   Century Gothic
Collage Title   Saeculum
Default Logo Text (2nd line)   Saeculum

Fixed maximum Image Dimensions (width x height):
- 900 x 600 px.

Logo Dimensions:
  600 x 80 px. - These are the maximum recommended width and height for the logo

Standard Features
- These are the standard features that come with the base version of this template.

  - 12 menu items, which can be set however you want. You get 1 homepage, 1 proofing section, 1 video section and 1 contact page. The other sections can be configured any way you would like.
- two available layouts - classic and simple
- 8 link splash page
- pure html/ipad compatible site
- unlimited music jukebox

Add-On Features
- These are optional features that can be purchased for an additional charge at http://www.bludomain.com/website/addons.

Mobile Phone (iphone) Version   - $50 - Gives you a version of the site that is compatible with mobile phones, such as iphones, and droids. It is recommended even for html-only sites.
Dual Portal   - $100 - This gives you a second Rosie template that you can edit from the same admin and link to it from your splash page.


Question   Why am I not seeing my edits on the site?
Answer    Any time you cannot see the edits you are making in your admin, it means that you need to clear your browser cache.
Keeping your cache clear is very important when viewing your site so that you are always seeing the version with your most recent edits intact. Odds are that if you are not seeing recent edits that you have made on your site it is because your browser is caching or storing temporary internet files to conserve download time. Here are directions on how to keep your cache clear in Safari for MAC, Firefox, Google Chrome and in Internet Explorer for PC.
Safari (MAC): Simply click on the safari button at the top of your screen and click on "Empty Cache" - there is unfortunately no setting in Safari that will do this for you automatically.

Google Chrome:
Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar. Select Tools. Select Clear browsing data. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything. Click Clear browsing data.

Internet Explorer (PC) : Open up explorer, click on the "tools" button at the top of your screen then click on "internet options". In the second row down on the general tab you will first delete cookies and delete files - this will get rid of any previously stored pages. You will then click on Settings on that same row of buttons and you will select "every visit to the page" and click OK . This will ensure that all the edits you make on the site are instantly visible. Here is a video tutorial you can watch for this:

Firefox (mac or PC): Click on the firefox tab at the top of your screen when in firefox. Then click on the preferences tab. From there click on the network tab and set the cache to use up to 0 mb of space for the cache.

After doing this you should be able to view all the most current changes on your site.

Question   My images are not uploading to my galleries
Answer   For image preparation and upload troubleshooting tips please see: http://blusites.com/FAQS/ImageCriteria.php

Question   I would like to change my font, how do I do this?
Answer   On the "edit site settings and appearance" admin page, there is a Site Fonts button at the top. Click on that and you will be able to select from our built in font library.

If we don't have the font you want, font changes are available on our sites for $20. If you have an html version of the site, we are somewhat limited what we can do wit the fonts, but can change some them, like the section headers. There is an addition $20 fee for changing the html fonts, and you must provide a .ttf file for the font. For the flash site, if it is a standard font you can submit a ticket at blusupport.com and just give us the name of the font you would like. If it is not standard, you will need to submit a ticket anyway to request the font change, and we will have you send us the font file.

We will not put scripty fonts in your site, since they cause too many problems with position shifting. We also do not do any customizations to accomodate the font you choose. Therefore if you chose a font that doesn't work well with a simple update, you will need to choose a different font.

Question   I have foreign characters I need to display in my template, what can I do?
Answer   Please submit a support ticket at http://blusupport.com and someone will assist you with that.

Question   My menu buttons are not all fitting on the screen, is there anything can I do?
Answer   On the Edit Site Settings And Appearance" admin page you can adjust the font sizes for the site elements. You can also shorten your button names.

Question   My bulk uploader is not showing up for my homepage, galleries or music section.
Answer   Please go to the following link, and download the latest version of java and install it:
Once it is installed, quit and restart your browser and let us know if you still have trouble.

Question   Can I have a different interval for my gallery slideshows?
Answer   Yes, on the Edit site appearance admin page, you can set a different interval for homepage, galleries, and proofing galleries.

Question   I don't want to use my splash page. What can I do?
Answer   We have provided an option to bypass your splash page right in the admin. If you go to the splash page section of your admin, you will see the option to bypass the splash page right at the top of the page.

Question   I don't want all of that flash player information to show on my splash page. Can anything be done about that?
Answer   If you go to the splash page section of your admin, you will see the option to disable the flash player information right at the top of the page.

Question   I am uploading my images and they are now larger than they were on my computer. Why is this happening?
Answer   This happens if you have the image quality setting set to 100%. If you go to the Image Display Settings section of your admin, you can adjust the image quality setting. You can set that back to between 90 and 95, and the image quality will still be excellent, but the filesize will be much smaller.